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Pouta lásky č. 1, 1960


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[1] Jančura Petr | 19.01.2007
Ta fotografie má ducha, cítím ji vevnitř jako všechny Saudkovi fotky, proto si myslím že ty pouta tam jsou zbytečná.Jde vicítit i bez pout tu atmosféru. PS:omlouvám se popř.za písemné chyby
[2] emma | 11.06.2007
this is so beautiful.
[3] specpro | 21.09.2007
this photo looks like it was taken yesterday. as if nothing has changed since 1960...classic
[4] susan peik | 17.11.2007
You have articulated a moment of timeless human beauty. Thank you.
[5] Bent Wrongly | 08.09.2009
I like this photo, it makes me hungry. Once, I was in Greece I sampled these small, long, fried pastry thingies. They were really good. I could sure go for one of those right now while looking at this photograph. It sure was hot though, the weather I mean, not the fried thingies. Ever notice how money in other countries looks so strange. Isnt that odd? Anywho, I recall several youths dressed in a similar fashion while there, which made me wonder where they shopped. I never found out. Perhaps some questions were never meant to be answered.