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Marie č. 1, 1974


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[1] Arnau Blanch | 19.01.2007
Hi!! Sorry for my inglish. It's not the best. I just want to tell that i love your job! I just find two of your books in Barcelona (Spain). Jan Saudek (Taschen Verlag) and Dopisy (Nakladatelství Slovart). And when i found the books i felt really exited. And therar more than one picture that makes me really excited!! I think this two are my best. It's really dificult two chose only two of your pictures, but this two are incredible. Marie No 1 of 1974 and Motherhood, 1986. And i saw one of your original pictures i Barcelona. In one bookstore. Sorry!! I i'm telling all my stori whith your pictures. Thanks!!
[2] Arje | 31.01.2007
intense good