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Stalingrad, 1957


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[1] r o s e l l o | 09.09.2008
adams, ritts, mapplethorpe, saudek, camia ...
[2] Bent Wrongly | 08.09.2009
What a memorizing photo. On the one hand it reminds me of a Levi's commercial. On the other it's like Midnight Cowboy. And lastly, it makes me feel like I'm in Kansas during that period of American history where your best friend was your pistol. But was it really? I bet they didnt have toilet paper back then. What do you suppose Jessie James used to keep himself feeling "fresh" down there? I dont think I would like to visit that period after all. I mean, when they finally invent the long-overdue time machines, that is. I'll most probably visit 1979, because that was a very good year, both in terms of personal hygiene and also for me, because it was a wonderful year for me. For me, I mean. Some French Fries would be really good right now.
[3] Cesar | 22.11.2011
I need to know where was taken this picture and what kind of building is that...?
[4] Jan | 21.12.2011
to [Cesar]

It is an old "pub", build near the river.

[5] Jan | 21.12.2011
to [Cesar]

It is an old "pub", build near the river.