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Úsvit č. 1, 1959


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[1] Reno | 21.01.2007
v etom gorade pusta v etom gorade grusna!
[2] Ray | 25.04.2007
im just want to know the story bout' this pic? who can explain?
[3] s peik | 17.11.2007
Wow! Was this taken in 1850s or 1950's? This is my own heritage - stark and harsh...like my grandfather. He escaped to America and made a new life, but his soul didn't. I have felt like that person as I've tried to understand him...standing naked on a bluff overlooking hell realizing I just missed living that reality by the Grace of less than a generation and more struggle than I can fathom.
[4] r o s e l l o | 09.09.2008
sono stato a celetna 9
[5] Bent Wrongly | 08.09.2009
I like this photo very much. It makes me think of a caveman waking up to see an industrialized city in front of him, causing much emotional trauma. But it's not a "him" at all, is it? Funny how when we think of cavemen, we seldom think of cave-women. How were their lives, I wonder? Did all of the drama that takes place in the various current "he said, she said" situations affect their lives as much as it does today? What would be the result of caveman #1 cheating on his mate with the mate of caveman #2? I think it's easy to imagine that little has changed over the decades, and that our inherent jealousy and need for monogamy incited a lot of unhappy grunting and violent blows about the head/face/chest/breast/neck/and back from the various blunt objects that when used as the first human tools...are what separated those early humans from the chimps they seldom spent a lot of time with anymore. It's for exactly those reasons I greatly enjoy and look forward to each trip to the Zoo.