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Břicho noci, 1988


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[1] Rae Duncan | 21.10.2015
I'm not sure if I am posting in the correct part of the website but here goes. Hi I am a guitar maker from London and I know about Jan's photographs from a long time ago. I have a publication with this image in it. I am finishing a guitar and would like to use this image as part of the label on the inside of the instrument. Each label I normally make up and design myself but this is a different guitar (classical - I normally make flamenco). Rather than just go and make a label up, I though it would be polite to ask if I might be able to use the image. The wording that I would like to use over the image is Guitar No 7 - My big fat classical. When I saw the image I thought it's perfect but I wont use it if you dont like the idea. Please get back with comments and hopefully a way to progress. Wishing you well, Rae Duncan