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Sbohem Jane!, 1994


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[1] William Robinson | 04.03.2008
Dear Jan Saudek, I am writing this comment to say how inspired I was by this image. I am a Cultural Studies student at McGill University and am currently writing a paper on Goodbye Jan! It won't be very long, maybe 1300 words, but it should prove to be successful. Anyway, I was just offering my compliments and I hope this letter finds you well. Cheers, Will
[2] Uros Jovanovic | 08.02.2009
Absolutely great photo, in my top 5 Jan's photos list. I don't know what is better, the color and overall tone or lines and composition. Great work Jan! Much regards from Serbia!
[3] abraham | 24.08.2009
i like this photo in my heart your work is great you and francis bacon duo you have a exposition in mexico city gracias you need continue in your job gracias desde mexico
[4] Ron Rosen | 06.09.2009
I like Jan Saudek's work & am interested.Some of his work like Magritte has been commercialized with thousands of posters. I'm only interested in limited editions photography signed in excellent condition or small paintings. Ron, 678-836-3613