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The Girl I Loved, 1995


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[1] Ubu | 06.02.2007
The best photo I have ever seen : a full love for a women and his real beauty...
[2] Claire | 10.12.2007
This is also my favourite photo. I saw it at the gallery and stared for a full five minutes whithout realising.
[3] Sylvia | 08.10.2009
I wonder, do you use any editing on your photos or is this what this woman actually looks like? It's a beautiful shot, really, all of your shots are absolutely stunning. I'm finding myself completely drawn in.
[4] Heldriver | 04.11.2009
I don't think this photo is edited/manipulated (other than hand coloured) My guess would be that she stepped on a land mine. It's a sad reminder of the discusts of war, but at the same time a really beautiful picture
[5] Max | 16.11.2010
This photo is truly stunning, the young lady is so beautiful and sensitive. What is her story?
[6] eric | 26.01.2014
Is it right or wrong to say that her awareness and acceptance of self portrays a real sense of beauty that I find attractive? This is one of those works that make you stop and think. The conversation I had just yesterday with a woman about cosmetic surgery and what she viewd as wrong. I tried to explain that beauty is not in those perfect adjustments. It can be a woman such as this or a full figured woman that enters a room with confidence. Very nice.