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Black Sheep and White Crow, 1995


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[1] Arje | 31.01.2007
i dont like it! to young girl naked! Its diseased!
[2] dudeski | 16.03.2007
pearls before swine. swine are diseased. get your eyes right! it is beautiful picture.
[3] Zu | 06.07.2008
Arje you're an asshole
[4] Dr Mengele | 16.03.2009
Wow!, this is the picture on the cover of the album "new obscurantis order", form the french band anorexia nervosa. In fact, since i saw the first picture in here, i felt familiar with the visual style.
[5] Artyom | 03.12.2010
This is so beautiful!
[6] lothi | 05.07.2011
magisch anziehend - was will uns der Künstler damit mitteilen, wie kann man es interpretieren?
[7] danno | 06.10.2011
So beautiful? Have a look at it, young girl looks like shes being offered up nude to me, no beauty in that. Just an image by a photographer trying to create contraversy because they lack any real creativity. A rug a backdrop a light a few photoshop textures??? oh I know ill throw in an almost nude child or any nude for that matter cause I dont know how to do much else.
[8] Petrus PL | 23.07.2013
Gee. Its a witch hunt. Barely shown up bare chest and all those "holy guys" weep about selling nude children. Most intresting is, that, nobody is offended when they are watching nude kids on paintings, with little angel wings, for them its an art, here it is not, how convinient, level of hypocrisy is flying high, this picture might be far different from "sweet little angels" from paintings, but still its an art. Its definitly great photo.
[9] eric | 26.01.2014
While I know that here in the US this would be something that would probably got someone in trouble I will say that even if, EVEN IF the commentor DANNO is right in his interpretation of the girl being offered up, it is a art depicting what happens in life. I am sure this girl was not being offered up but we see so many stories of human trafficing. Art is often the news bearer.