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Curriculum vitae

I become a candidate for membership of the Association of Visual Artists. Not yet a member, but a suitor for membership. It is the lowest rung in the hierarchy of titles artists distribute among themselves - I am a mere cabin-boy on a ship bobbing about on a lazy sea
I try to write a portrait in light: the likeness of love devotion, and faithfulness until the grave. The face of the home which I have wanted but will never have. I am incapable of experiencing all that, but I know how to depict it. I look towards the shadowy horizon. Beyong it wait women, gold pieces and fame
A whole evening of love with Monika, whose second name I never knew. A body of inexpressible beauty - and inside it all a computer: during love-making she coolly observes me and thinks about the new jeans that she'll get from me. Well, I wanted to have her! I remember her to this day
A young French girl reproaches me for having dirty nails, not changing my underwear and once even for being drunk - she gives me milk too good to exist
I dine in the best Paris restaurant. Comments to the effect that "red wine should be served at room temperature" were lies just like all they used to say to me at home: it's served very cool, the best in the world
My French lover Nathalie is replaced by a Moravian beauty. It's a classic case. When she gets old (31) she's replaced
Several people recognise me in the street and ask for my autograph: I'm fortunate, but I'm taking care not to start spinning with joy like a dervish
The Febio film company choose me for the GEN project (100 Czechs of Today). It is the greatest (and the only) honour that I have received at home in my life. This is because the establishment, old and new, never gives a damn for me
Oh I forgot! Even my love has gone! She had been ill for a long time. Anď this morning, when she stopped living, I went to the valley, crossed the bridge and climbed up to to the sheer summit and watched the river current washing everything away: my hopes, dreams and promises, but also grief and dirt. And I saw how the rising sun was mirrored in the river; the sun which shines on all things: on the good and the bad Flow, river, flow...
I exhibit my photographs for the last time in my country - the profits (7 million and 200 thousand crowns) I give away for charity. There are too many imitators - I do not want to show the way to anyone anymore.
I decide to do 100 push-ups - I managed to do 80 in two years (2001). I believe that I will be able to manage it in a couple of years - before I grow old. Ho ho!
And beyond the horizon, which cuts the image in half nothing but more nig that a new day - and somewhere out there women, goÍd pieces and fame aw~ I won't get there. But at least I can look in that direction. And that's enough. So I look into the breathtaking distance, hoping to see the sparkle of a dian etion of a star, a faraway beckoning light. Across the chasm of the years, and recognition and obscurity I've always kept looking. I shall always look into the darkness, always be on the lookout for the ligl see that reflection - I'll let you know...
I assist at child birth - in a blink of an eye I understood that everything I had considered important was only an unimportant illusion and forever I recognized (honestly I had not known it) what love and Motherhood are: one and the same thing.
Slovart Publishing house issues an exquisite book of my pictures. At the same time my friend Sara gave me a present for my seventieth birthday - she prepared a big exhibition. The book was immediately sold out and there is another edition. I wonder if it means anything?
After a long, almost never-ending, ignoring by bigwigs I obtain the highest award Artis Bohemiae Amicis from the hands of Secretary of Culture together with writers Vladimír Körner and Milan Kundera for contribution to our country?s reputation. I want to make a book of portraits of famous people. At the same time I promise National Theatre director to finish one hundred portraits of members of drama, opera and ballet sections in nine months. At the end of the summer I?ll be able to do twelve pull-ups on spark over rack and a hip-swing up at the end.