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The Ground Plan, 2000



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[1] Nathaniel | 08.08.2009
This photo says a couple things to me depending on my mind set at the time. Ecstacy and every ounce of being leaving your body at one moment. ANd for the recipient of energy you can imagine boredom and the polar opposites at the same time. Yet when I view this last night I thought of the great way we connect in a passionate way. I could buy this and hang it. My wife wondered whether some guests would get lost in the fact that the one person looks so young because the size difference.
[2] eric | 26.01.2014
I had thought the same thing. I could hang this in our bedroom and I was worried about the age. In the US someone under 18 is frowned upon. When not sure we don't go there and I know my wife would not want. With such grreat works I am sure to find something though!