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Personal data

On the basis of our trade co-operation (i.e. by placing an order in saudek.com online store or by enrolling in a course) you give your consent to the company Blodkova 1372/6, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00 (hereinafter "saudek.com") to the processing of your personal data in the following scope:

1. Scope of Personal Data to be Processed

You personal data, which the company saudek.com has collected within implementation of the supplier-purchaser relationship between you - purchaser - and the company saudek.com - supplier, the subject of which is sale of books, photos, their reproductions and other prints. It deals particularly of personal data described in points a - f specified below. This data will be used for the purposes defined in point 2.

  1. name and surname;
  2. residential address, or contact address;
  3. email address;
  4. telephone number;
  5. IP address.

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed for these purposes:

  1. marketing purposes of saudek.com, i.e. mainly offering products and services; sending information about events, products, services and other activities (e.g. in the form of sending newsletters); contacting for the purpose of market survey and marketing research; contacting in order to wish Merry Christmas and Happy Easter or to send another feast day greeting, sending discount vouchers, and others.
  2. personal data analyses of the customers of saudek.com allowing to address particular customers or particular groups of customers directly (i.e. direct mailing).

3. Who and How will Process Personal Data

The company saudek.com, as a data controller, will process your personal data on the basis of this consent within the above-defined scope and for the above-mentioned purposes in manual written as well as electronic form using automated systems by means of their own employees or personal data processors, i.e. the subjects charged by saudek.com to perform individual processing activities (marketing or advertising agencies) in compliance with relevant legal regulations and to protect personal data by means of concluding personal data processing agreements.

4. For How Long Time this Consent is Given

The consent to process personal data under the defined terms is given for the whole duration of the supplier-purchaser relationship between you and the company saudek.com as follows:

  • 4a) online store orders: during the warranty period of the bought products + 6 months (i.e. no more than 30 months)
  • 4b) newsletters: for an indefinite duration until a customer unsubscribes from the mailing list (each newsletter includes an unsubscribe link).

5. Voluntariness to Give Consent, Withdrawal of Consent

Giving consent to the processing of personal data is entirely voluntary and it is not conditional upon other performance required from you by saudek.com within the supplier-purchaser relationship. You can withdraw this consent anytime by sending your withdrawal to the email address samuel@saudek.com.

6. Your Rights as a Data Subject

Your personal data was provided voluntarily in the above-defined scope. You, as a data subject, have the rights under relevant legal regulations. As a subject providing consent to the processing of personal data you are entitled to:

  1. require access to your personal data and information about its provision and processing (e.g. scope, purpose, time to process) including the right to be given a copy of the processed data from the company saudek.com;
  2. withdraw the written consent anytime (see more in point 5);
  3. ask the company saudek.com in writing to delete your personal data (particularly in case when you withdraw your consent with the processing of personal data and the data is no more needed for the purpose it was collected or otherwise processed); you have the right to "be forgotten" if your personal data was published in the internet environment (i.e. deletion of all references to your personal data, its copy or replication);
  4. get your personal data that the company saudek.com processes on the basis of this consent in a common structured and machine-readable format and hand it over to another controller by May 25, 2018;
  5. raise an objection by May 25, 2018 if your data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing; if you raise such an objection the company saudek.com terminates the processing of your personal data;
  6. if you learn or if you are convinced that the company saudek.com processes your personal data out of keeping with protection of private and personal life, law or regulation, particularly if the personal data is inaccurate with respect to the purpose of its processing, you are allowed to do the following upon written request:
    1. raise an objection against processing,
    2. ask the company saudek.com for explanation,
    3. require elimination of such conditions from saudek.com, i.e. mainly to block, to make a correction, to fill in or to delete personal data,
    4. lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, i.e. Personal Data Protection Authority.

7. Sending Commercial Communication

You give your consent also to sending commercial communication via electronic means pursuant to article 7 of Act no. 480/2004 Coll. on certain information society services, as subsequently amended, i.e. consent to sending commercial communication via all electronic means to your electronic contact that the company saudek.com collected within your supplier-purchaser relationship or in another legitimate way.